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Watch your faith grow through investing in relationships with people who want to learn and grow with you.

People Groups

The People’s Group of Revealing Truth Ministries (RTM) serves each member at each stage of life. In addition to the dynamic word brought forth in the main sanctuary, we offer a mirroring experience for the children and youth that we have the opportunity to serve.

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts team sets an energetic and harmonious atmosphere of praise & worship through performing and visual artistic expression. We are the look, feel, sound and heartbeat of the vision.

Support Groups

The Revealing Truth Ministries (RTM) Support Group is the heartbeat of RTM. We are behind the scenes warriors committed to serving and perfecting the vision of the ministry. We are unified through our many strengths and bound together in the common pursuit to uphold and preserve the integrity of the ministry.

Life Groups

Life Group is the lifeline of Revealing Truth Ministries (RTM). We come in contact with everyone who attends a service, from the moment they step through the front door until the time they exit, to make sure that all guests and members understand and receive all RTM has to offer.


The Outreach Group at Revealing Truth Ministries (RTM) is the hands and feet of the ministry. We do just as the Word of God says by embodying the scripture that says “We are the church” (I Corinthians 6:19) and delivering the good news of who God is to them where they are in the community (and abroad).

Tampa Campus:
5201 N. Armenia Ave. Tampa, FL 33603
P: 813-354-1135
We believe in Simple Truth Truth. In everyday language, it’s defined as being in one accord with fact or reality. Reality can change. Facts are temporal. For Believers, Truth is much more than that. Truth does not change. Truth just is - regardless of what the world deems as fact or reality today. Why? Because we believe that Truth is only found in the Word of God - it does not change and it just is. Truth ALWAYS has the final say and will ALWAYS lead to a life of peace, prosperity, security, stability, health and healing for those who believe. It’s just that simple.
We are Revealing Truth Ministries - Where lives are changed, communities are impacted and Christ is put on display through the Simple Truth of God’s Word.
Revealing Truth Ministries
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